Bobcast: Not The AmericanPrög Show 287 (09/12/22) – Paula Stokes has left the building

Flamborough Head – The Garden Shed

England – Paraffinalea

The Omnific – Wax & Wane


Belle & Sebastian – Dog on Wheels


Dead Bob’s Record of the Week: ‘All Secrets Known’ by The Mighty Ra

 – All Secrets Known

 – Seven Days


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side B of ‘no fear of looking down’ by Jadis

 – Change of the Season

 – Seeds of Doubt

 – Abandoned

 – No Fear of Looking Down


IQ – Tales From a Dark Christmas CD: Half the First

 – Christmas Intro / For Christ’s Sake

 – I Believe in Father Christmas

 – Merry Xmas Everybody


Fruup – Masquerading with Dawn

CATCØRE – Too Much

Gary Unman – Into Battle

The HU – Black Thunder