Bobcast: Not The AmericanPrög Show 281 (21/10/22): Armenian String Cheese


Murky Red – Stoned and Horny

The Enigma Division – The Escapist

Steve Harley – (I Don’t Believe) God Is an Anarchist


Kasabian – The Doberman

The Watch – All the Lights in Town

The Headboys – Long White Socks


Arlekin – in This Puzzled Roundabout

The Opium Cartel – Then Came the Last Days of May


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side B of ‘Day and Age’ by Frost*

 – Waiting for the Lie

 – The Boy Who Stood Still

 – Island Life

 – Skywards


Brother Ape – Autostrada

The Twilight Soul – Auge/Maschine

Join the Din – Rogue Planet

The Comet is Coming – The Hammer


The Clockworks – Advertise Me