Bobcast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 272 (12/8/22): Sage Derby



Featuring these most excellent artistes:


Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It

Gryphon – Opening Move

Fish – Family Business

Squid – Pamphlets

Datadyr – Tier


Dead Bob’s Flac Shack

 Ezra – The Six Degrees of Separation; Raingods; Underground 


Hanoi Rocks – Fallen Star

Fruup – Prince of Darkness

Jeff Beck – Line Dancing with Monkeys

Maailmanpuu – Kohti Valoa

Art – Supernatural Fairy Tales


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side 2 of ‘Hamburger Concerto’ by Focus

 I Starter

 II Rare

 III Medium

 IV Medium II

 V Well Done

 VI One For The Road


STRANGE POP – All This Hope

Level 42 – Turn It On

Genesis – Turn It On Again