Bobcast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 270: Caithness

Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It

dreaming david k – Magic Radio

Witchwood – Flaming Telepaths

Stomu Yamashta – Wheels of Fortune

Madrugada – Dreams at Midnight

Dice and the Acid Warrior – Megalodon

The Flower Kings – Astral Dog

The Flower Kings – Church of Your Heart 

Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack – Side 4 of ‘Closure/Continuation’ by Porcupine Tree 

 – Chimera’s Wreck

Wishing Well – Sermon on the Mount

The Mighty Bard – Magician

Yard Act – Land of the Blind

Magician’s Red – Exit Cryosleep, Begin Landing

Nazareth – No Mean City (Pts. 1 & 2)

Leadfinger – The Fall of Rome

The Watch – Welcome to your Life 

Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time