Bobcast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 265 (10/6/22): Saint-Paulin

Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It (as interstitial)

The Hellacopters – By The Grace of God

The Flower Kings – There Is More To This World (2022 Remaster)


Flamborough Head – Maureen

Soft Ffog – Ken 

Caligonaut – Because We Are Not Apart 


Timelock – The Devil’s Hour 

Seventh Wonder – Warriors


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side 2 of ‘Genesis Live’ by Genesis

 – Musical Box

 – The Knife


Everything Everything – Software Greatman

Professor Tip Top – The Dogs are Coming


2 Of A Kind

 – Yes – Into The Lens

 – Gentle Giant – I Am a Camera 


Imperial State Electric – Resign