Bobcast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 219

Not only do we have the following fine artistes playing for us, but we hear from Dead Bob for the first time in, like, forever. He called in to the studio as we were recording, and we managed to capture his dulcet tones with our audiophonic equipment. Our heart cockles were, as they say, warmed.


ESP – Invisible Din

Karmamoi – Getaway

Matt Berry – The Blue Elephant

Haze – The Red Room

Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ‘Direction Reaction Creation’ by The Jam

 Eton Rifles

 News of the World

 Batman Theme

Fish – The Company

Atomic Rooster – Gershatzer

Pixels & Sound – Like In The Movies

Dead Bob – Live on the Telephone

Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Jethro Tull (RSD 2020):

 North Sea Oil (SW remix)

 Warm Sporran


Caravan – No! Waffle