Bobcast: Not The American Prög Show 258 – Stinking Bishop


Kaipa – Urskog

The Tangent – Changes (edit)

Pure Reason Revolution – Phantoms


Dead Bob’s Flac Shack: Magrathea

 – Search for the Crystal

 – The Magical Box

 – Tales From The Cockpit

 – Not of this Earth


Dead Bob’s Record of the Week: ‘Days of Innocence’ by Stuckfish

 – Days of Innocence 

 – GameChanger


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Record One, Side One of ’Live and Let Live’ by 10cc

 – The Second Sitting for the Last Supper

 – You’ve Got A Cold

 – Honeymoon with B Troop

 – Art for Art’s Sake

 – People in Love (excerpt)


Venus Loon – Beautiful World

Boney M – Belfast (excerpt)

Motörhead – 1916

Peter Frampton – Show Me the Way (live)