“asbestos MOUTH” – New album by TERMS

Progzilla Radio is pleased to present the WORLD PREMIERE of a track off the upcoming debut “asbestos MOUTH” album by… TERMS!

Drummer Danny Piechocki
and guitarist/bassist Christopher Trull honed their craft in b
ands like Gr
and Ulena, Jitters,
and Yowie. In TERMS, Chris creates dissonant riffs
and skewed melodies, which collide with Danny’s syncopated thunderstorm of percussion, to create a balance of tight precision
and spontaneous discovery. It’s simply jaw-dropping!

As you may already expect, Mike Pollack
and The Progressive Tracks Show (#383 – Size Doesn’t Matter) is premiering the track named “Our Asbestos Mouths” because TERMS fits right into the general demeanor of Mike’s show.

Progzilla Radio will host this track exclusively for the week of this premiere, courtesy of SKiN GRAFT RECORDS (http://www.SKiNGRAFTRECORDS.com). The “asbestos MOUTH” album can be purchased through the SKiN GRAFT Records site on B
andcamp, for release October 2, 2020 (https://skingraftrecords.b
andcamp.com/album/asbestos-mouth ).

But for now… enjoy this exclusive track, below!