Moundrag and friends – Friday the 13th – Save me

Moundrag and friends – Breakthrough

Moundrag and friends – Black snake

Tony reed – Nobody else

Atomic Rooster – Seven lonely streets

My own army – Hospital lies

My own army – Marys song

Ton Scherpenzeel – Departure

Ton Scherpenzeel – Gryphons and Unicorns

Tom Portman – Daughter of the willow tree

Tom Portman – Self isolation blues

Tom Portman – Gifts of the soul

Nick Masons Sacerful of secrets – Set the controls for the heart of the Sun

Buzz Elliott – Driving along (in a CN van)

Free Love – Open the door

Warrington-Runcorn new town development plan – Built by robots

Baba Ali – Cog in the wheel

H. Hawkline – Like you do

Personal trainer – Milk

W. H. Lung – Kaya

Jeffrey Lewis – LPs

Rozi Plain – Spot thirteen

Deerhoof – Wrong time capsule

Gwenno – Anima

Bo Ningen – Minimal

Deerhoof – Sit down, let me tell you a story

The lovely eggs – I, Moron

The Utopia Strong – Persephone sleeps

Warrington-Runcorn new town development plan – The view from Halton Castle

Sea Power – Folly

Sea Power – Machines of joy

Warrington-Runcorn new town development plan – Gateway to the North