Heavy Elements #203

September 21, 2019

Edition 203 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast. Playlist: Evergrey – A Silent Arc Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment Opeth – Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör Teramaze – Orwellian Times Voyager – Colours Epic at 11: Green Carnation – Journey to the End of Night (pts I to IV) Forest Stream […]

Edition 307 – Live From Progzilla Towers

September 21, 2019

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 307 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available. In this edition we heard the following music: Pink Floyd – One Of These Days Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Ark Frost – Towerblock Pbiii – Trapped Mad Fellaz – Frost Astra – Beyond To Slight […]

Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 175 (15 September 2019)

September 16, 2019

Edition 175 of THE PROG MILL, first broadcast on Progzilla Radio Sunday 15 September, is now also available to stream on demand or download. Two hours of stunning melodic and symphonic progressive rock. Here’s this week’s playlist Big Big Train – Grimspound (Grimspound) Cellar Noise – Nautilus (Nautilus) Little Tragedies – Dawn (At Night) Nova […]

Sounds That Can Be Made #211

September 16, 2019

Edition 211 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast! Playlist: Rise – Radio Silence (from Strangers) IQ – Stay Down (from Resistance) Yuval Ron – Kuiper Belt (from Somewhere in This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum) Sanguine Hum – Bedhead (from Now We Have Power) Bomber Goggles – Wistful Waves (from Gyreland) […]

Podcast 74: The Krazzloft Vinyl Show 15th September 2019

September 16, 2019

KRAZZ LOFT VINYL SHOW Broadcast 15th September 2019   1.   Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression) Emerson Lake & Palmer 2.   The School Of Instant Pain Triumvirat A Funky lil set 3.   Deal With It Tower Of Power 4.   Them Changes Buddy Miles 5.   Gypsy Man ® War 6.   I Wanna Talk To You Stevie Wonder […]

PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #330 (It’s a Tough Business, This Prog)

September 16, 2019

The Progressive Tracks Show #330 (It’s A Tough Business, This Prog) NOTE: WORLD PREMIERE SONG on this week’s show! Progressive Rock artists face a myriad of obstacles in creating the music we listeners love and their struggles (even though I can’t play a note). Oh well, at least the music will be stellar, including that […]

“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 117”

September 14, 2019

The Ancient One is very pleased to inform everyone that the latest show, No 117, “Mixed Bag Vol 9” is now available as a podcast on the website. This is one of the shows where “anything goes”. Playlist 1 The Nice – Brandenburger (Excert used as Intro from the 3cd Boxset The Immediate Story) 2 […]

BöbCast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 150

September 13, 2019

The Shadows – F.B.I Rammstein – Deutschland Moron Police – The Dog Song Jethro Tull – Beastie Skerryvore – The Showman (live) The Kentish Spires – Don’t Shoot The Albatross Steve* Wilson – Birthday Party 25 Yard Screamer – The Storyteller Yes – Parallels Clepsydra – Birthday Party Marillion – Grendel (15 second mix) The […]

BöbCast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 149

September 13, 2019

Moron Police – Captain Awkward England – Poisoned Youth I.Q – Leap of Faith (live) KingBathmat – Coming To Terms With Mortality In The Face of Insurmountable Odds Úna Quinn – Small Wonder Hasse Fröberg Musical Companion – The Final Hour The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma Haken – The Architect It Bites – […]

BöbCast – Not The AmericanPrög Show 148

September 13, 2019

Moron Police – The Phantom Below Drifting Sun – Stay With Me Tom Robinson Band – Right On Sister (live) The Samurai of Prog – World of Adventures Magic Pie – The Man Who Had It All Flying Water Tankers – Sheep Sharing A.C.T – A Broken Trust Nad Sylvan – Whoa (Always Been Without […]