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Edition 119 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Orphaned Land – Like Orpheus
Oceans of Slumber – The Decay of Disregard
Poem – My Own Disorder
Spiral Key – Dark Path
The Dead Centuries – Overdrive

Live at 11: Angra at Via Funchal, São Paulo, 15th December 2001
Angels Cry (live)
Acid Rain (live)
The Number Of The Beast (live)

InVertigo – Take Your Time
Day Six – Castel Gandolfo

Album of the Week: Fair to Midland – Arrows and Anchors
Whiskey and Ritalin
Coppertank Island
Bright Bulbs and Sharp Tools

John Arch – Relentless

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The PROG MILL NORWAY/SWEDEN SPECIAL (edition 90)m first broadcast on Progzilla Radio on Sunday 21 January 2018, is now available to listen to anytime or download.

This weeks Nordic Playlist

1 Moon Safari – Mega Moon (Himlabacken Vol 1)
2 The Flower Kings – Desolation Road (Desolation Rose)
3 Introitus – Broken Glass (Anima)
4 The Windmill – The Masque (The Continuation)
5 Adventure – Refugees (Refugees)
6 Hidden Lands – Dakkar (Lycksalighetens O)
7 Jonas Lindberg and the Other Side – Closer to the Sun (Pathfinder)
8 Kaipa – What’s Behind the Fields? (Children of the Sounds)
9 Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly – On Her Journey to the Sun (On Her Journey to the Sun)
10 Magic Pie – Trick of the Trade (King for a Day)
11 Airbag – Broken (Disconnected)
12 Bjorn Riis – Forever Comes to an End (Forever Comes to an End)
13 White Willow – Splinters (Signal to Noise)
14 Nad Sylvan – The Quartermaster (The Bride Said No)

Broadcast times for THE PROG MILL on Progzilla Radio

Sundays 10pm-Midnight UK (2200UTC) Main Broadcast
Tuesdays 3-5am UK (0300 UTC) for Monday evening listeners in North America
Tuesdays 11pm – 12am UK (2300UTC)
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (Family friendly teatime repeat)

Back next Sunday 10pm UK with a normal show full of your proggy music suggestions. Please keep them coming in to or message via or twitter: @shaunontheair

The Tangent – 1st Movement: Coming Up On The Hour

Zombie Picnic – The Rama Committee

FreddeGredde – Who I Am

Gryphon – Checkmate

Hiro Yanagida – The Murder In The Midnight

Horoyuki Namba – The City Of Silver Gray

Haken – Cockroach King

Gordon Midgley – Ronin

Tomas Bodin – The Night Will Fall

Hatfield & The North – Lobster In Cleavage Probe

Trojan Horse – Brazilian

Northern Star  18th January 2018

The Grand Arena

Theme Pallas Northern Star

  1. Touchstone –Intro/Wintercoast
  2. The Cranberries – Waltzing Back
  3. Manfred Mann – Lies (through the 80s)
  4. Pink Floyd – Run Like hell
  5. Marillion – Fugazi
  6. Machines Dream – Noise To Signal
  7. Genesis – Carpet crawlers
  8. Twelfth Night – Fact & Fiction
  9. Pallas – Blood & Roses
  10. Tool – Merkaba
  11. Rainbow – 16th Century greensleeves
  12. Porcupine tree – The sky moves sideways
  13. RPWL – Trying to kis the sun
  14. Rush – By tor and the snow dog
  15. Spock’s beard – Welcome to NYC
  16. Spiritualized – Electric mainline
  17. Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne
  18. Steve Hillage – The dervish riff
  19. Yes – Awaken


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Broadcast 18th January 2018

1.       Hope You’re Feeling Better Santana Abraxas 1974
2.       Country House Shuffle Dixie Dregs Night Of The Living Dregs 1979
3.       People Get Ready Jeff Beck Flash 1985
4.       Showdown Electric Light Orchestra On The Third Day 1973
5.       Desolation Valley Nektar A Tab In The Ocean 1972
6.       Waves Nektar A Tab In The Ocean 1972
7.       On The Turning Away Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Of Reason 1987
8.       PROMO BREAK #1
9.       Had To Cry Today Blind Faith Blind Faith 1969
10.   In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Allman Brothers Band Beginnings 1973
11.   It Just Ain’t Your Moon Atlanta Rhythm Section Dog Days 1975
12.  6-PACK OF “ROCK KEYS”      
13.   Don’t You Love Her Madly The Doors L.A. Woman 1971
14.   Smooth Dancer Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are 1973
15.   Be My Lover, Be My Friend Argent All Together Now 1972
16.   The Barbarian Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer 1971
17.   Sir Lancelot & The Black Knight Rick Wakeman The Myth & Legends of King Arthur 1975
18.   Teacher I Need You Elton John Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player 1972
20.   Going To The Country Steve Miller Band Number 5 1970
21.   Get Wise Lindisfarne Back And Forth 1978
22.   Wall Street Shuffle 10 CC Sheet Music 1974
23.   Blue Spruce Woman Foghat Rock and Roll Outlaws 1974
25.   Turn It On Trapeze Hot Wire 1974
26.   Muscle & Blood Hughes/Thrall Hughes Thrall 1982
27.   Snortin’ Whisky Pat Travers Band Crash & Burn 1980
28.   Sail Away Deep Purple Burn 1974
31.  SLIDE INTO A SIDE The Who Tommy – Side 1 1969
32.   Overture The Who Tommy
33.   It’s A Boy The Who Tommy
34.   1921 The Who Tommy
35.   Amazing Journey The Who Tommy
36.   Sparks The Who Tommy
37.   The Hawker The Who Tommy
38.   Rocket In My Pocket Little Feat Time Loves A Hero 1977
39.   Salty Candy/Trying To Stay ‘Live Leon Russell & Marc Benno Asylum Choir II 1971
40.   Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress The Hollies Greatest Hits
41.   Sexy Sadie The Beatles White Album 1968
42.   Narnia Steve Hackett Please Don’t Touch 1978
43.   Closet Chronicles Kansas Point Of No Return 1977
44.   Drag Bones Kiev Falling Bough Wisdom Teach 2014
45.   Signify Porcupine Tree Signify 1996
47.   We Gonna Rock Taj Mahal, Elvin Bishop, Boz Scaggs & Friends Fillmore-The Last Days 1972
48.   Let The Good Times Roll Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine An Audience With The Queen 1987
49.   Yer Blues Kenny Wayne Shepherd How I Go 2011
50.   I Can’t Quit You Babe Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 1969
51.   Lazarus David Bowie Blackstar 2016
52.   Tightrope Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record 1976
53.   Gone Hollywood Supertramp Breakfast In America 1979
54.   Love Is The Key Ray Thomas From Mighty Oaks 1976
55.   White Bird It’s A Beautiful Day It’s A Beautiful Day 1969
56.   Cathedral Crosby Stills & Nash CSN 1977
57.   Bright White Shawn Phillips Bright White 1973

Edition 129 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


I Am The Manic Whale – The Man With Many Faces (from Gathering The Waters)
Galahad – Dust (extended edit) (from Seas of Change)
Servants Of Science – Servants of Science (from The Swan Song)
The Samurai of Prog – Tigers (from On We Sail)

Connect 4:
IQ – Frequency (from Frequency)
Jadis – Hiding In The Corner (from More Than Meets The Eye)
King’s X – Goldilox (from Out Of The Silent Planet)
Fruupp – Decision (from Future Legends)

Anubis – The Collapse (from 230503)

Jurassic Prog:
Jethro Tull – Bungle in the Jungle (from War Child)
Gryphon – Opening Move (from Red Queen to Gryphon Three)

The Pineapple Thief – Someone Here Is Missing (from Someone Here Is Missing)
John Wesley – Lost (from The Lillypad Suite)

Monsters of Progzilla:

Multi Story – Murmuration (live)
Comedy Of Errors – The Answer (live)
Halo Tora – The Bones That Rock The Cradle (live)
Fields of the Nephilim – Psychonaut (live)
Simo – I’d Rather Die In Vain (live)
Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric (live)

Motörhead – Step Down (from Bomber)

Proving that prog isn't just for dinosaurs!
I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 226 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this Top Ten of 2018 Pt 2 special edition we heard the following music:

  1. The Tangent – Doctor Livingstone (I Presume)
  2. Floating Points – Silurian Blue
  3. I Am The Manic Whale – The Lifeboatmen
  4. Bubblemath – Routine Maintenance
  5. Steven Wilson – Refuge
  6. Tiger Moth Tales – Exposure
  7. Machines Dream – Armistice Day/Weimar
  8. Steve Tilling – The Amazing Monstrous Grady
  9. Kaprekar’s Constant – Pearl Of The Lake
  10. Accordo Dei Contrari – Eros Vs Anteros
  11. Tom Slatter – Satellites
  12. Motorpsycho – A Pacific Sonata
  13. Major Parkinson – Blackbox
  14. Wobbler – Foxlight

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