101 Dimensions Podcast Available!

101 Dimensions - Aug 2016The podcast for last weekend’s (20/21 August) edition of 101 Dimensions is available HERE

It was my turn on 101 Dimensions again, and the next time I come ’round it will be Autumn! Boy the time flies the older you get (trust me on this, anyone younger than 35)! Anyway, I had another fun program lined up for you, complete with an appearance by Gandalf and his steed! Here’s your play list for the show:

1. Phonatacid – AFX (from the album Analord 02, 2005)
2. Trains – Ian Anderson (from the album Walk Into Light, 1983)
3. Legacy – Art Of Noise (from the album The Best Of The Art Of Noise, 1988)
4. Impact – Patrick Moraz (from the album The Story Of I, 1976)
5. Opa-Loka – Hawkwind (from the album Warrior On The Edge Of Time, 1975)
6. Photographic – Tora, Tora, Tora – Depeche Mode (from the album Speak and Spell, 1981)
7. Ways Of Changes – Klaus Schulze (from the album Blackdance, 1974)
8. Harmogram Suite, Movement 1 & 2 – Marvin Ayres (from the album Harmogram Suite, 2011)
9. The Keeper Of The Old Forest – Gandalf (from the album Fantasia – The Best Of Gandalf, 1987)
10. The Darker Water – Erik Norlander (from the album Echoes From The Collective, 2012)
11. The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1,3&4 – The Human League (from the album Reproduction, 1979)
12. Folksong For A Nuclear Village – Shadowfax (from the album Folksongs For A Nuclear Village, 1988)

I hope you enjoy! Until next month, I wish you well! Be good to each other…