101 Dimensions Podcast Is Available


Well, folks, it appears that I forgot to post about my latest episode of 101 Dimensions. (One of the hazards of doing it once a month…you complete it weeks ahead, schedule it, and then forget about it!) Anyway, if you listened and were wondering what the hell you were listening to, the playlist is below! If you didn’t listen, but would like to listen to a program that might make you wonder what the hell you are listening to, you can find the show archived on my website Progwatch.com by following the link HERE

The playlist:

1. Rick Wakeman – Renzi – Chopsticks – Fantasia (from the album Listzomania, 1975)

2. Vangelis – Blush Response (from the album Bladerunner (OST), 1982)

3. Keith Emerson – The Church (Main Theme) (from the album La Chiesa (OST), 1989)

4. Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always The Same (from the album Risky Business (OST), 1983)

5. Tony Banks – Quicksilver Suite (from the album Sountracks, 1986)

6. Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan – Overture (from the album The Hound Of The Baskervilles, 2002)

7. Goblin – Suspiria (from the album The Fantastic Voyage Of Goblin, 2007)

8. Peter Gabriel – Go Away Mr. Evans (from the album Long Walk Home – Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002)

9. Giorgio Moroder – Machines (from the album Metropolis (OST), 1984)

10. Jon & Vangelis – The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (from the album The Friends Of Mr. Cairo, 1981)

11. The Who – Love Reign O’er Me (from the album Quadrophenia, 1973)

12. Keith Emerson – The Chase (from the album Nighthawks (OST), 1981

13. American Symphony – London Metropolitan Orchestra (from the album Mr. Holland’s Opus (OST), 1995)

14. Peter Gabriel – The Heat (from the album Birdy (OST), 1985)

15. Rick Wakeman – Eastern Shadows (from the album Crimes Of Passion (OST), 1984)

16. Mike Oldfield – Etude (from the album Killing Fields(OST), 1984)

17. Isao Tomita – Mongolian Fantasy – Land Of Great Kahn (from the album Storm From The East (OST), 1992)

18. Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire (from the album Chariots Of Fire (OST), 1981)

Until next month (when I will hopefully remember to post before the show)…