The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 8th June 2023

Yet another three hour mega-blast of PROG (and the like) to keep you boppin’ in these dark times. Stay true to the music and it will get you thru’ ANY of life’s challenges. Have an absolutely AWESOME day/week/month – Steve & Lou xx

This week’s playlist.


I Am The Manic Whale – Smile

Solstice – Guardian (Live)

ELP – Blue Rondo A La Turk (Live)

It Bites – Old Man And The Angel

Viriditas – Wings Of Starlight

Gentle Giant – For Nobody

Hawkwind – Rama (The Prophecy)

Frank Zappa – Khaki Sack

Frank Zappa – Work With Me Annie/Annie Had A Baby

Steven Wilson – The Holy Drinker

OSI – All Gone Now

James LaBrie – Mislead

Meshuggah – Light The Shortening Fuse

Frost* – Block Light Machine

Steve Hackett – Your Own Special Way

Moon X – Hollow Man

Oiapok – Frogs Might Disappear

OK Goodnight – The Falcon

K’mono – Mind Out Of Mind

Einar Solberg – A Beautiful Life (abridged)