Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs 23.04.2023

Right then so here is the playlist for Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs for Sunday 23.04.2023.
  1. IQ, Sacred Sound.
  2. Big Big Train, Master James Of St. George.
  3. Al Di Meola, Chilean Pipe Song.
  4. Alan Holdsworth, Ruhkukah.
  5. Clannad, Live And Learn.
  6. Clannad, Stepping Stone.
  7. The Orb, Pervitin.
  8. Genesis, Firth Of Fifth, live version.
  9. Genesis, Me And Sarah Jane, live version.
  10. Go Go Penguin, Saturnine.
  11. Go Go Penguin, Glow.
  12. Go Go Penguin, last Breath.
  13. Stephan Micus, Song For Thor.
  14. Pat Metheny, Finding And Believing.
  15. Pendragon, Alaska.
  16. Jan Rivera, Things That Don’t Fit, Limelight.
  17. Jan Rivera, My Friend The Cynic, Limelight.
  18. The Tangent, The Mind’s Eye.
  19. Closing Music, Dave Weckl, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise.