Sounds That Can Be Made #311 (Finnish Prog Special)

Edition 311 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising (from New Day Rising)
The Chant – The Only Friend (from Ghostline)
CMX – Pilvien Kuningas (from Aura)
Khatsaturjan – Herculean (from Disconcerto Grosso)
Jeavestone – Innocence/Voices of the Shadows/The Relief (from Spices, Species & Poetry Petrol)
Tenhi – Siniset Runot (from Saivo)
Wheel – Dissipating (from Resident Human)
Hadal Sherpa – Abyss (from Hadal Sherpa)
Overhead – Metaepitome (from Metaepitome)
Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum (from Dark Passion Play)
Anthriel – Fallen Souls (from Transcendence)
Amorphis – Message in the Amber (from Queen of Time)

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