Soundquest Festival March 26-28 Free Event

Earlier this year, my old friend Steve Roach invited me to participate in his 2021 Soundquest Festival. Of course I am honored to be included with a circle of good friends including Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Jeff Greinke, Ian Boddy and many others. As one would expect in this pandemic time, the festival will be virtual, with video performances, and free to anyone who wants to watch. A tip jar will be provided on YouTube to allow for contributions. You can schedule your listening at this link:



– Neurogenesis LP Due in early April

The vinyl pressing of Neurogenesis is almost ready, but had a further delay due to harsh winter weather in Memphis TN where the pressing plant is located (the same storm that shut down Texas in late February.) I had hoped to get shipments mid-March, but now it looks like early April. I apologize for the delay. We are now taking pre-orders for the LP, and happy to say that we have already pre-sold 1/6 of the pressing.

Some good news about international shipping for the LP orders: We found a shipping method that drops the price to $17 down from $26. All of our international shipping prices improved with this discovery, so we are happy to pass that savings on for CD buyers as well.

Links to order:
Bandcamp pre-order LP:
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Neurogenesis:  “These undulant environments produce dizzying impressions of infinite distance – all the while in tension with its dense encephalic locale. The bright feathery textures form featureless realms – though a restless sonority traverses the orbital night. But the resulting reverie yields to underlying energy fields, as moody rambles merge with crisply shattered geometries in tightly ratcheting tone patterns. The cycling sequencer notes wind in spark plug rotation – emitting power, declaring stability, summoning the future. … In translating electronic currents into sonic textures chords move from the deep-toned to the light and radiant – melting the experimental mood under a sudden gravity.” Chuck Van Zyl, Stars’ End

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