Sid Smith


The idea of Podcasts From The Yellow Room is to share with listeners some of the music that comes across my desk each week.

As I’m only ever able to write about a fraction of the music that turns up here, the show is a way of highlighting the range and quality of work that appears in the wider world in search of an audience.

I’m not tribal about the music I like.

I don’t care what genre it might belong to, or whether the artist is in the pantheon or the doghouse.

It’s about whether the music makes me sit up and take notice.

All styles served here, as they say.

Meme by Mike Cliffe

Top ten albums? Well, that kind of list is usually subject to whim and the onset of memory loss but any one or more of the records presented here, in no particular order, would reliably make it on to such a list.

Sid Smith has been a full-time freelance writer for over 12 years with reviews and features appearing in numerous publications including Prog, Classic Rock, Record Collector, Q, Mojo, BBC Music, as well as regional and syndicated press.

He is the author of two music biographies and has written liner notes for hundreds of albums and archive releases.

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