Jon ‘Twang’ Patrick


The House of Progression Independently puts Live Prog and Progressive Rock shows in London. (I have to be specific as people can be so precious)
The ethic of it all is to put the very best live artists on without ripping the Great Gigging public off, which is why you will never pay hundreds of pounds + booking fee + booking fee for the booking fee. It has a HUGE history so hop (pardon the pun) over to
The radio show will give you all the info on the bands, venues and tickets as well as getting the all important music and interviews with those artists, once a month on a Sunday 8-10pm GMT.  I fully understand you don’t want a 2 hour advert so you’ll get top music from other Progressive bands and artists as well as hooking up with those people who work behind the scenes. Nellie Pitts for example who runs The Merch Desk.
My radio experience began by producing the Rock Show at Thames FM, originally based at Teddington TV Studios. I would pick the tracks and provide all the info for the presenters. Then, the bosses thought, well why don’t we just let him present it. So, I did. I then went onto do a bit of production and co hosting for Darren Redick (Now with Planet Rock) Darren hosted a Thursday night show on the Sky based radio show Total Rock. It was there that Tony Wilson and Radio One Rock show Legend Tommy Vance decided it was time I had my own show. This was decided when I looked after the afternoon show Mon-Fri whilst Krusher was out doing Ozzfest. My debut solo show was directly after Tommy’s. (No pressure at all then)  They gave me complete freedom. Midnight – 2am Friday & Saturday. I had bars all over Europe tuning in and got them on the phones. It was utter Madness and completely brilliant. I was then moved to Friday afternoon 3-6pm where I got to interview the biggest Rock bands on the planet. Unfortunately Rent, bills and the live shows meant I couldn’t justify the time so after ten years concentrated on adult things…………..Until now. 😉
It’s great to be back on the Air!


My favourite albums. (This changes all the time, but for the benefit of this here goes)
No real order, but hey:
  1. Queen – Night at the Opera
  2. Supertramp – Live (Paris)
  3. Frost* – All of them 😉
  4. Tiger Moth Tales – Cocoon
  5. Genesis – All of them………I know, I’m cheating.
  6. Sound Of Contact – Dimensionaut
  7. Sylvan – Posthumous Silence
  8. 10cc – Deceptive Bends
  9. The Beatles – Sgt Pepper
  10. Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Disc 2)
  11. The Enid – Invicta
  12. Anthony Phillips – All of them………He’s really taking the Mike now!
  13. Cheap Trick – The Latest
  14. Alice Cooper – Welcome to my Nightmare 1 & 2………Might just have got away with that.
  15. ELO – Out of the Blue


You may contact Jon here.