Emma ‘Chrysoprasia’ Roebuck


What can I say about myself? I was only just a teenager even in the so called golden age of Progressive Rock. The first album I heard was Rick Wakeman’s Six Wives of Henry VIII and my young mind was instantly corrupted. It was my older brother’s fault closely followed by Argus by Wishbone Ash, and Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (still a playlist favourite in my car). Too young to see the band in their prime but I was mainlining Prog from then on. The pure symmetry of the album covers and the music combined to distract me from Chemistry homework.

These were the days in my life that were of dark and depressing and the music literally kept me alive at times. The following 20 years were me music and living on the edge of insanity and look for answers that I could not find. Fast forward I have embraced my own personnel insanity including challenging my own gender and winning. All through it Music and in particular Prog has been a constant.


I love the song first and foremost, no matter how good the musician a poor song is still a poor piece of music. The skill for me is in the writing a piece of music that has passion power and artistic credibility and still be able to engage the listener. Sometimes its harder to keep it simple rather than hide in time changes, key changes and ‘hamsters’ . Music should entertain and take you on a journey.



I had a show called ‘Queer Commentary’ on an LGBT radio station that was Politics and Prog so expect politics and social commentary but also the music will be the key for me on this show. I intend to do thematic shows that show how broad a church this music can be.

I look forward to having you listen to my show on this landmark station and joining in the chat and discussions.


Albums That shaped the teenage me!

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