Podcast: Northern Star 16th November 2017

Northern Star  16th  November  2017

A Fistful of Gandalf’s Fist


Theme Pallas Northern Star

  1. Hawkwind – Electronic No 1
  2. Hawkwind – Orgone accumulator
  3. Gandalf’s Fist – The Wanderer goes South
  4. The Kovenant – Bizarre Cosmic Industries
  5. Queen – Prophet Song
  6. Rainbow – Kill The King
  7. Gandalf’s Fist – The Council of Anderson
  8. Gandalf’s Fist – A Visitation of the Mushroom people
  9. Gandalf’s Fist – The Stowaway and the endless night
  10. Gandalf’s Fist – At The Sign of the aperture
  11. Hawkwind – Brainstorm

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