Podcast 85: 101 Dimensions 10th April 2021

101 Dimensions Curated by John Simms

Shadows and light   

Broadcast  10th April 2021 @ Midnight GMT

John The high priest of Prog and merry vicar can be found musing all things  prog Jazz and ambient here





·         Pat Metheny

As Falls Witchita, So Falls Witchia Falls
·         Mirada Tranquil Reflection
·         Tangerine Dream Quinoa
·         Brian Eno 1/1
·         Kalman Filter Veltorn
·         Phronesis Wings 2 The Mind
·         Morten Schantz Growing Sense
·         Miles Davis Blue in Green
·         Esbjorn Svenson Trio From Gagarin’s Point of View
·         Steve Hillage Garden of Paradise


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