Podcast 71: Sid Smith From The Yellow Room

1.Roman Summer Nights by Little Free Rock
2 Icepop by Isildur’s Bane & Steve Hogarth
3 Rounding The Horn by Admirals Hard
4 Remembering Allan Holdsworth Part 1 by Chris Taberham & Sid Smith
5 Velvet Darkness by Allan Holdsworth
6 Hazard Profile by Soft Machine
7 Wave by David Sylvian
8 Everyday by Jamie Saft with Iggy Pop
9 Lights Flicker by FaUSt
10 Demarcation Line by Arve Henriksen
11 Train To Nowhere by Adaya
12 Holy Ghost by Bent Knee
13 Remembering Allan Holdsworth Part 2 by Chris Taberham & Sid Smith
14 Bundles by Soft Machine
15 Mr.Spock by Tony Williams’ Lifetime
16 Stay by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy