Podcast 5: The Prog Bus With Dave Watkins 6th Oct 2021

The Prog Bus is exclusive to Progzilla Radio every other Wednesday

1800-2000 UK and every other Sunday 0400-0600 UK.


The Prog Bus 5

Lost Tuesday Society – Lights
Cyan – Snowbound
The Catch – Excuses For Kings
Checking For Echo Project – In The End
Marjana Semkina – Disillusioned
Drifting Sun – Dementium
Lifesigns – Voice In My Head
Niall Mathewson – In This Broken World
Tears For Fears – Bad Man’s Song
Red Sand – Insatiable
Glass Hammer – Steel
Amanda Lehmann – Who Are The Heroes
Yes – Sister Sleeping Soul
Ske – Akumu
Feral Ghost – The Chosen Few


email: theprogbus@progzilla.com