Podcast 285: Northern Star 17th September 2020 with Mike W

Northern Star 285

17th September 2020

Guest Hosted by Mike Whitfield


ChimpanA – The Secret Wish

Simon Collins – Becoming Human

ESP Project – Seven Billion Tiny Sparks

The Pineapple Thief – Versions Of The Truth

Genesis – Robbery, Assault And Battery

Genesis – Inside And Out

Niacin – Time Crunch Scope – Kayakokolishi

Fish – A Gentleman’s Excuse Me

Fish – Garden Of Remembrance

Deep Purple – Remission Possible/Man Alive

and – Memories Only

John Petrucci – Happy Song

Cardiacs – Vermin Mangle

Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly – Clean As A Whistle

Yes – Endless Dream (i) Silent Spring (ii) Talk (iii) Endless

Dream Porcupine Tree – Heartattack In A Layby

Clatter – Come Back

IZZ – The Soul Of Music

The Tangent – The Midas Touch

Abel Ganz – Summerlong

and – Three-Piece Suite

Fractal Mirror – The Garden

Big Big Train – Hedgerow

Big Big Train – Telling The Bees