Podcast 25 : The Prog Bus with Dave Watkins 7th September 2022

The Prog Bus

With Dave Watkins

7th September 2022

KEYS – Sparrow

The Mighty Bard – Illusion

Dim Gray – Long Ago

Cosmograf – If Things Don’t Change

John Holden – Kintsugi

Glass Island – Vanity Unfair

Millenium – Brightness Hidden In The Dark

Artefactron – Tiempo y Espacio

Celestial Son – Lord Of Karma

The Samurai of Prog – Don’t Be Afraid

The Round Window – Avalon

The Tirith – Return Of The Lydia [ with permission, first play ]

Kasabian – T.U.E [ the ultraview effect ]

William Orbit – Gold Coast

Rafael Pacha & Kimmo Porsti – Under A Cloudless Sky

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