Podcast 234: Northern Star 5th September 2019

Northern Star 5th September  2019

Canterbury Tales!

Theme Pallas – Northern Star

The Wilde flowers – Almost Grown

Matching Mole – Marchides

Gilgamesh -(a) One End More; (b) Phil’s Little Dance; (c) World’s Of Zin

Kevin Ayers – Lady Rachel

Delivery – Miserable man

Caravan – C’thulu  Thulu

Neil – Golf Girl

Gong – Crystal Gnome

Robert Wyatt – The United States of Amnesia

Henry Cow   Nine Funerals of citizen king

National Health – The Bryden Two Step (for amphibians)

Camel – Nimrodel – The procession the white rider

Hatfield and the north – Fitter Stoke has a bath

Soft Machine – Out-bloody-rageous

Khan – Driving to Amsterdam

Steve Hillage – New age synthesis (unzipping the Zype)

Zopp – Eternal Return

Egg – Symphony No 2

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