Podcast 20 : The Prog Bus with Dave Watkins 1st June 2022

The Prog Bus

With Dave Watkins

1st June 2022

Affirm featuring Bayley & Hunt – Journey To The Sunshine
Celestial Son – Fakir
xPropaganda – The Night
Alan Parsons – Uroborus w/ Tommy Shaw
Flicker – Counting Time
Strange Moments – This Is Now
Light – Dreamland
Moon Halo – Wasteland
The Feeling – Lost
Returned To The Earth – Sacrificed In Vain
Lobate Scarp – Beautiful Light
Gabriel Keller – Sonate au Clair Obscur
Rachel Flowers – Take Me Away
The Family Crest – The Tree
Millenium – Tales From Imaginary Movies [ Opening Credits ]
Millenium – Calling!
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