Podcast 189: Northern Star 25th October 2018

Northern Star 25th October 2018.

Mike Kershaw Arms Wide Very Open


Northern Star – Theme

  1. Tiger Moth Tales – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  2. Chasing The dark – WeR1
  3. The Tangent – A case of Misplaced Optimism
  4. Mike Kershaw – Curtains
  5. Mike Kershaw – An Ordinary Poison
  6. Genesis – Dukes Travels/Dukes End
  7. Mike Kershaw – A Kind of Hell
  8. Mike Kershaw- The City of My dreams
  9. Mike Kershaw – Keys to the Kingdom
  10. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – Fear factory
  11. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – Facing the Fear
  12. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – All that matters is the fear
  13. Mike Kershaw – The fear Quartet – The Fear inside me
  14. Relocate to Heathrow – Often lost, Never Forgotten


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