Podcast 17: The Prog Bus with Dave Watkins 23rd March 2022

The Prog Bus 17

With Dave Watkins

23rd March 2022

Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne – My Happy Place
We Came From Space – Seize The Day
Inner Prospekt – Cavie
Von Hertzen Brothers – All Of A Sudden, You’re Gone
Robby Steinhardt – Rise Of The Phoenix / The Phoenix
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Stop…Wait & Transend
Moon Halo – Stories To Tell
Scott Hardware – Meteterranean
Amanda Lehmann – One Last Spin
Kaprekar’s Constant – Prologue / Theme – Hall Of Mirrors
Sound Of Contact – Mobius Slip
The Flying Caravan – Flying Caravan
Arcade Fire – The Lightning 1 & 2


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