Podcast 128: Tales From The Tiger Moth 26th September 2020

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 128

Broadcast 26th September 2020

The Tangent – The Tower Of Babel
Arya – Survivor Syndrome
Be Bop Deluxe – Swan Song
Lee Abraham – Harmony-Synchronicity
Lonely Robot – Grief Is the Price of Love
Colin Tench Project – See How She Runs(Through the fields of Wheat)
Amanda Lehmann – Memory Lane
The Wurzels – My somerset crumpet horn
We Are Smug – Hot Tub Blues
Tiger Moth Tales – The Merry Vicar
Kraftwerk – The Robots (live)
Camel – Remote Romance
Wyclef Jean – Wish You Were Here
I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – What A Wonderful World
Suit of Lights – I Spy
The Tangent – Life On Hold
It Bites – Bullet In The Barrel
Beatles – Love You To
Keith & the Tiger Moth – Hur$t1966
Genesis – The Light Went Out
Richie Havens – Dolphins
Yes – The Gates Of Delirium
Spike Milligan & Orchestra – Wormwood Scrubs Tango
Steve Hackett – Under The Eye Of The Sun