Podcast 119: Tales From The Tiger Moth 119

Tales from The Tiger Moth

Edition 119

Broadcast 23rd May 2020


Genesis – The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Moron Police – Beware The Blue Skies
Zorbonauts – Murderer’s Lament
Pendragon – Who Really Are We
United Progressive Fraternity – Forgive Me, My Son
East 17 – It’s All Over
Nick Magnus – Convivium
Nick D’virgilio – Where’s The Passion
Bernard Cribbins – Double Thinks
Pattern Seeking Animals – These Are My Things
Steve Thorne – Psalm 2.0
It Bites – The Last Escape
John And Wayne – Nearly Killed Keith
Kevin Gilbert – Water Under The Bridge
Victor Borge – Inflationary Language
JethroTull – …And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
Tool – The Patient
Kansas – Questions Of My Childhood
Altesia – The Prison Child
Colin Bass – Once Was A Time
The Goons – The Raspberry Song
Camel – Another Night