Podcast 1: Dave Watkins The Prog Bus 11th August 2021



Dave Watkins

The Prog BusĀ 

11th August 2021


The Prog Bus is a two hour show playing melodic Progressive music and can be heard every other Wednesday 6-8pm and every other Sunday 4-6am only on Progzilla Radio.


The Prog Bus [ number 12 ]

Chasing The Monsoon – Into The Light
Big Big Train – Dandelion Clock
Three Colours Dark – Ordinary World
Drifting Sun – King Of The Country
Kite Parade – Letting Go
Tillison Reingold Tiranti – Nel Nome Di Dio
The Korgis – Kartoon World Overture / Bringing Back The Start Of Love
Times Up – 21 Grammes Of Starlight ( I Will Miss You )
Amanda Lehmann – Tinkerbell
Dreaming Madmen – Behind My Wall
The Swan Chorus – Pure Fate Star Shadow
Flutatious – Through Space & Time [ excerpt ]

You can get in touch via:
email: theprogbus@progzilla.com
Join me in the chat room for each Wednesday airing.