Podcast 032 : The Prog Bus with Dave Watkins 25th January 2023

The Prog Bus

With Dave Watkins

25th January 2023

The Prophets of Zarquon – The Barrow : Omega Wave

Crystal Palace – Orange Popsicle Sky

Collage – Man In The Middle

Riverside – I’m Done With You

RPWL – King Of The World

Comedy Of Errors – Lost Demigods

Grice – Legend

Feral Ghosts – Here We Go Again

Damanek – Act 1 Spot The Difference | Act 2 The Corridor | Act 3 Passive Ghost | Act 4 A Welcoming Hand

Caravela Escalarte – Cruz Da Ordem

A Secret River – Beyond My Fears

Jethro Tull – Ginnungagap

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