News: Second Video from Yuval Ron

Yuval Ron

Guitarist, Composer, Music Producer

has released a second video from his album

Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum (Feat Marco Minnemann)


and composer Yuval Ron performs original tunes that transcend the boundaries of any specific musical genre. Inspired by a crossover of modern jazz-rock, progressive music, cinematic
and orchestral music genres, it is all well blended into an own fresh
and distinct musical direction, best described as Cinematic Prog or Fusion.
The music features virtuosic performances of various compelling
and colorful compositions, produced on top of richly arranged orchestral, some say sci-fi film-like backgrounds, atmospheric soundscapes
and various sound effects drawing the listener into a total, electrifying experience.
The compositions place a constant emphasis on harmonic richness
and rhythmical sophistication, while maintaining a fine balance between intricately detailed group arrangements
and the players’ individual expression.
“Progressive guitarists such as Yuval Ron are clearly among the ‘ruling elite’ of modern musicians” – Metal Temple