Marillion Couch Convention Lockdown 2020



4th, 5th, 6th September 2020
Marillion join virtually with their fans, for a weekend of music
and togetherness.


This coming weekend, UK Rock legends Marillion will come together with thous
ands of fans globally, for their first,
and in the own words ‘hopefully only’, Marillion Couch Convention.


“We have a rare
and beautiful relationship with our fans,” says Steve Hogarth, the b
and’s singer. “We wanted to do something to let them know that we are with them; find a way to show our appreciation for the support they give to us
and more importantly in strange times like these, each other.”


The b
and will broadcast their three most popular gig films on YouTube across the three nights, with support acts, introductions from the b
and even a live Q&A hosted by Prog Magazine editor Jerry Ewing. The b
and will also be hosting virtual Q&A’s with fans, music masterclasses, a quiz, fan club meetups with b
and members,
and even a run-along with keyboard player Mark Kelly
and a cocktail class with guitarist Steve Rothery. There are opportunities to win a virtual photo with the b
and, virtual coffee with a b
and member
and all sorts of other competitions, including an online dog show
and prizes for the best photos from the weekend.


Lucy Jordache the b
and’s manager for the last 20 years, says,
“When I realised that our 2021 conventions would not be going ahead, I wanted to give our fans something that might help them experience the amazing feeling our conventions famously have. As the COVID 19 crisis deepened, it became more
and more important to bring our fans together in a virtual space, where they can feel the love
and support from one another
and the b


All events over the weekend are free. The b
and have pre-sold merch
andise (t-shirts, cushions, wine
and beer glasses, banners
and even confetti) to help fans get into the spirit of the event,
and a rarities auction will take place over the weekend. With tough times being experienced across the globe, Marillion were keen for this to be a free event. However, an online tip jar will be live all weekend, for fans who might want to help out Marillion’s crew who have been hit hardest by the lack of live events.
Hogarth adds, “We’ve been completely amazed by the response of our fans to the idea of the Couch Convention
and the merch
andise we created for it. We sincerely thank them for their continuing love
and support
and hope to see them out on the road soon.”


Marillion are a British rock b
and with a successful 40-year history. Their last studio Album F E A R, debuted at number 4 in the UK Album Charts, claiming a top 20 slot in many European countries
and charting across the world including the United States.


The b
and are known for their uniquely close relationship with their fans,
and are widely attributed with reinventing the way b
ands work commercially, including the revolutionary crowdfunding of their 2000 album Anoraknophobia.


Marillion held their first global convention in April 2002. And now play Marillion Weekends all over the world including their bi-annual hiring of Center Parcs in Holl
and where they play to over 3000 fans from over 50 countries.


Marillion Couch Convention 2020, 4th, 5th & 6th September 2020
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