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This week’s Prog-Watch is another edition of EPIX! Just six tunes will carry us through our time together
and I’ll play one from each decade of our favorite genre (with a bonus from the 1970s)! Tune in to hear great music from Dire Straits, Southern Empire, Rush, Rocket Scientists, Marillion,
and Camel!

734: Epix, Vol. 7


I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 355 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this special Guide To Keyboards In Prog edition we spoke to Andy Tillison
and heard the following music:

  • The Tangent – Life On Hold
  • Rick Wakeman – Catherine Of Aragon
  • Boston – Foreplay/Long Time
  • The Peddlars – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
  • Yes – And You And I
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – White Hammer
  • The Tangent – Jinxed In Jersey
  • Snarky Puppy – Lingus
  • Return To Forever – Medieval Overture
  • Genesis – Firth Of Fifth
  • Egg – A Visit To Newport Hospital
  • Jacques Loussier – Clair De Lune
  • Deep Purple – Child In Time
  • It’s A Beautiful Day – Bombay Calling
  • Dyble Longdon – Astrologers

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Edition 250 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Kyros – Technology Killed The Kids III (from Celexa Dreams)
Aufklärung – Il Funerale Della Luna (from De’ La Tempesta… L’Oscuro Piacere)
SimpleXity – Luminosity (from Click to Start)
Coshish – Mukti (from Firdous)
Fossils – Ghreena (from Fossils 6)
Forbidden Planet – A Fine Line (from From the Bedroom to Oblivion: Two Decades of Obscurity)
SIU2 – Window (from Open Door)
Cold Fairyl
and – Ghost Town Nightmare (from Seeds on the Ground)
Ars Nova – Seventh Hell (from Seventh Hell (La Vénus endormie))
Rocket Scientists – After The Revolution (from Revolution Road)
Liquid Tension Experiment – When The Water Breaks (from Liquid Tension Experiment 2)
God Is An Astronaut – Golden Sky (from Age of the Fifth Sun)
Anathema – Distant Satellites (from Distant Satellites)
Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IX) (from Wish You Were Here)

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Edition 244 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Borealis – When We Started
Awake By Design – The Coming Tide
Damnation Angels – Greed
and Extinction
DGM – Flesh
and Blood
Pain of Salvation – Panther

That Was The Year That Prog: 2018
Amorphis – The Golden Elk
Kingcrow – Folding Paper Dreams
Valis Ablaze – Evade
LizZard – Leaving the Dream
Between the Buried
and Me – Voice of Trespass

Epic at 11: Riverside – Ultimate Trip

Beyond Twilight – Crying
Anubis Gate – Operation Cairo

Album of the Week: Fughu – Absence
Dead End Start
Red V

Leprous – White

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Progressive Tracks Show #378 (International sTRANGE Music Day)

Yes, International sTRANGE Music Day is a thing…
and a great thing it is!  August 24th is a day to listen to unfamiliar
and/or bizarre music to broaden not only your musical horizons…but your horizons in general.

This is a day perfectly suited to The Progressive Tracks Show, so join the burgeoning mass of sTRANGE listeners.

  • Patrick Grant – “Keeping Still” from FIELDS AMAZE
    and other sTRANGE music
    on Peppergreen Media (2018)
  • Paco Higdon – “Weird Times (Live in Quarantine)” from Weird Times (Live in Quarantine – Single on Independent (2020)
  • Moloch – “Dinosauria (ft. Debora Longini
    and Emiliano Vernizzi)” from Il Vangelo di Moloch on Moloch (2018)
  • Mahogany Frog – “You’re Meshugeh!” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Mahogany Frog – “I Am Not Your Sugar” from DO5 on Mafrogany Hog (2010)
  • Tempered Steel – “Lunacy Dance” from Tempered Steel on Nunatak (2012)
  • CHROMB! – “Le fleuve Brison (The Brison River)” from Le livre des merveilles (The Book of Wonders) on Dur et Doux (2020)
  • Trojan Horse – “The Shapes” from Fukushima Surfer Boys on Bad Elephant Music (2017)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Earth- Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO 大威徳明王 鼓童 – L’Impact De Théia durant l’Éon Hadéen” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • David Byrne & Brian Eno – “I Feel My Stuff” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today on TodoMundo (2008)
  • Stop Motion Orchestra – “Blue Fog” from Hydnora – EP on Independent (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part I – The Summoning (Nasatanada Zazas!)” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part II – The Rising” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)
  • NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM – “To The Moon- VAJRABHAIRAVA Part III – The Great Wars of Quaternary Era Against Ego” from Éons on I-Voidhanger Records (2020)

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Edition 224 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (444 in total), first broadcast 23 August 2020, is now also available to listen to anytime or download. Two hours of superb melodic & symphonic progressive rock. In this week’s review from The Progressive Aspect, Leo Trimming takes a listen to Lee Abraham’s Echo Rain EP Western Skies,
and you can test your knowledge of the world of progressive rock in our fun, quick fire quiz, How Proggy Are You?!

Here’s this week’s Prog Mill Playlist

1 Millenium – Name on the S
and (The Web)
2 Quercunian Camerata – Ethon (Prometeia)
3 Lighthouse Sparrows – Gravest Danger (The Deep End)
4 Kashgar – Light Me Up (Artefact)
5 ESP Project – Fear of Flying (Phenomena)
6 Il Sogno di Rubik – The Suite of Miracles (Tentacles
and Miracles)
7 20 Years Later – Shine (Dancing with Blue)
8 Echo Rain – Swagger (Western Skies)
9 Dyble/Longdon – Astrologers (Between a Breath
and a Breath)
10 Dreaming Madmen – Your Possessor (Ashes of a Diary)
11 Pink Floyd – Mother (The Wall)
12 Purple Overdose – Her Arms Embraced The Sun (Reborn)
13 Jon Finn Group – Two Monkeys Jump Back (Wicked)
14 Abel Ganz – The Light Shines Out (The Life of the Honey Bee…)

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Your melodic
and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 126

Broadcast 15th August 2

Genesis – Dance On A Volcano
Rachel Flowers – Time For The Prize
Nenad Bach – Time Is All We Have
Nick D’virgilio – Not My Time To Say Goodbye
Built For The Future – The Sheltering Sky
Peter Sellers – Any Old Iron
The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds Of Fire
Frost* – Clouda
Donald Fagen – The Great Pagoda of Funn
Pendragon – Eternal Light
It Bites – Castles
Jake Thackray – The Ballad Of Billy Kershaw
Abel Ganz – Sepia
and White
Haze – The Last Post
That Joe Payne – Music For A While
Built For The Future – Azimuth
Tiger Moth Tales – Whistle Along
Rachel Flowers – Time
Instant Sunshine – Fleeting Time
Manfred Mann’s Earth B
and – Davy’s on the Road Again


Broadcast 23rd August 2020

Show 126

1.      Nighttime In the Switching Yard Warren Zevon
2.      L.A. Dreamer Charlie
3.      Down By the Sea Strawbs
4.      St
anding In the Rain
Electric Light Orchestra
5.      Negative Earth/She Said Barclay James Harvest
Jazz & Fusion, Early
6.      Eloquence Passport
7.      Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock
8.      Birdl
Weather Report
9.      Come Go With Me Del Vikings
10.  Papa’s Got A Br
and New Bag
James Brown
11.  Bottle of Wine The Fireballs feat. Jimmy Gilmer
12.  Route 66 Chuck Berry
13.  Gloria Them
14.  You Keep Me Hangin’ On Vanilla Fudge
15.  Happy Jack The Who
16.  Tenement Lady T-Rex
17.  Killer Alice Cooper
18.  Sever Porcupine Tree
19.  Burnt Offerings Rise
20.  Destruction FM
21.  Love Song (Remix) The Cure
SIAS: Miles Davis – In A Silent Way (S1) Miles Davis – In A Silent Way
22.  Shhh/Peaceful  
Decidedly British
23.  Feel It Inside Trapeze
24.  Coz I Love You Slade
25.  Future Legend/Diamond Dogs David Bowie
26.  From the Beginning Emerson Lake & Palmer
27.  I’d Love To Change the World Ten Years After
28.  Tragic Magic Traffic
Drifting Into the 80’s
29.  Anything She Does Genesis
30.  Hymn Ultravox
31.  Der Kommissar Falco
32.  Legal Tender B-52’s
33.  Dancing In the Shadows After the Fire
34.  Adam Raised a Cain Bruce Springsteen
35.  I Don’t Want To Go Home Southside Johnny
36.  Heat Treatment Graham Parker & the Rumour
Chillin’ Down
37.  One on One Hall & Oates
38.  We’re All Alone Boz Scaggs
39.  Morning Dance Spyrogyra
40.  Love Will Find A Way Pablo Cruise
41.  Midnight Rider Greg Allman




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101 Dimensions

Broadcast 15th August 2020

Stacy Doller’s First 101 Dimension

1. Jon Brooks – Neist Point
2. Jon Brooks – Fonn
3. Magnetron – Dancing Shadows
4. Matt Berry – Music For Insomniacs
5. Terry Reily – A Rainbow in Curved Air
6. Jon Brooks – Cinquefoil
7. Jon Brooks – Well Then
8. All India Radio – Space Sources (complete mix)
9. Magnetron – Dirac Delta
10. Matt Berry – Lost Contact
11. Jon Brooks – A Lesson in Attachment
12. Jon Brooks – Dreaming
and Further Still
13. Tim Blake – New Jerusalem
14. All India Radio – Moviestar
15. All India Radio – Julia Dream